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 Breeder of Champion Rottweiler's and Jack Russell Terriers


Welcome to the Treverhund Family. I hope you and your Rottweiler or Jack Russell have many happy years and memories together.

I received my first Rottweiler as a Christmas present from my husband because he loved the breed and in turn started my love and obsession too.  

I began showing my Rottweiler "Grossheim Matilda" in 1983 for about 4 months taking a break not long after beginning for 18 months. I returned to the show ring in 1985 with another Rottweiler "Mischa" and her son "Bear" Treverhund Mezcal from my first ever litter in 1984. That first litter has now turned into a 30 year breeding program that has produced superb quality dogs in both physical attributes and temperament.

After breaking the ice with those first showings I have now bred 15 Champions, 12 that I have titled myself, 2 of which are dual titled; meaning that they hold both Champion and Endurance Titles. 

The prefix "Treverhund" is German meaning "Loyal Dog". And if anyone knows Rottweilers, they are indeed that. Loyal, protective, intelligent and strong. These dogs are versatile and loving animals that like nothing more than to please their owner or handler.

In 2000 I obtained my first Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell's are little people with huge personalities. They ma be trapped in a small body but they show no fear and truly believe they are Rottweilers themselves.

Since then my family has grown in leaps and bounds with these little fellows and I have titles CH Treverhund Jumpin Jack Flash (Harley) and began to breed Jack Russell's along side my Rottweilers.

As a member of the Rottweiler Club of NSW, VIC & SA and also a member of the Jack Russell Club of NSW, Treverhund Rottweilers and Jack Russell Terrier's still continue to show and have success at local and out of state competitions. 

Having made the choice to add a new family member, below is some general information regarding both breeds. 



Country of Origin - Germany

Weight - Male       50-60kg (110-130lb)

              Female   35-48kg (77-106lb)

Height - Male       61-69cm (24-27in)

           - Female   56-63cm (22-25in)

Coat - Double Coated. Short, thick, coarse hair

Colour - Black and Tan or Black and Mahogany

Litter Size - The average litter size is between 8-12 puppies. Although it is not uncommon for litters to be larger

Average Life Span - 8-10 years. It is quite common for Rottweilers to out live this average span growing to be 12-14 years of age.  

Classification - In Australia the Rottweiler is classified as a Utility dog and is grouped accordingly.


Jack Russel Terrier

Country of Origin - England

Weight -  6.2-8.2kg (14-18lb)

Height -  25-38cm (10-15in)

Coat -  Dense double coats, can be smooth or rough and has the ability to be "broken coated" (longer hair on the  tail and/or face)

Colour - Predominantly White with either Tan or Black markings

Litter Size - Usually 4-8 puppies per litter on average. However, larger litters are not unheard of.

Average Life Span - 13-16 years is common for Jack Russell's.

Classification - Jack Russell's are listed in the Terrier Group. They do perform well in agility competitions as well. 








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